I am so excited for your visit to the Sage Rose Consulting Website! The hope is you find information in these pages that elevate your thinking, liberate all hesitation, and provoke you to shift your awareness to be brave! Yes, I know bravery is not something you typically think is needed when visiting a website but it’s not just reading the words or looking at the pictures here. It is the internal conversations you have with yourself while reading. Those avoiding questions and dismissive statements that divert many of us from the needed self-exploration, which does require bravery. Your visit today is not a coincidence. It is the first step to elevate, liberate, and provoke your courage to ignite! End the “waiting for yourself” cycle. Begin the journey!


My practice specializes in transforming individuals, couples, and families into a more positive emotional mindset. Through consulting, there’s always a way forward to address issues and learn coping strategies to help you now and in the future. With over 18 years of experience, I’m confident no challenge is too great to face and formulate progressive solutions.

Begin with the belief that you deserve more.

Change flawed thinking patterns that stifle your progress. 

Be better to yourself.

Start the journey, begin here.

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About Rhonda Baker

Creating positive relationships of all types requires vulnerability and courage. With over 18 years of experience, Rhonda Baker can assist you with this goal.

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